Smart Heron

We can spend a lot of our lives in reaction instead of in living in the moment.
We can shape our present moments with projections from old wounds and judgements that prevent us being authentic.

We can live with our hearts closed off for fear of more pain and therefore never feel the love we are craving.
We can live our lives in a state of denial, in survival mode, where our patterning for crisis and flight run the show.
We can feel desperate and alone in the middle of a party full of friends.
We are our own saboteurs, we put a limit on how much love we can have , how much fun and joy .
Sometimes we don’t know what is the matter, and sometimes we think we are fine but then get illness, disease or depression.
Having an awareness of the underlying emotional states that truly drive us is the key to healing and change.

Awareness is the key to our personal development courses , awareness leads to change and change leads to us living our lives free of old patterns ,free of fear and old stories, free of illness .
Awareness of how we limit ourselves frees us from such behavior,we can see our true potential , we can love and appreciate ourselves and begin to live fully in a connected way where we find there is no pleasure limit , nor scarcity of love or joy .

Personal development is the key to all change in yourself ,we cannot change anyone else. If your life isn’t how you want it, change it, it is possible.
In the process of doing this work you will become the master of your life .

Our next Group Break Free is an opportunity to give yourself the gift of self awareness, a deeply profound process over a six month period, where working in a small intimate and safe group will facilitate your journey into the discovery of you and the changes you want to make.

You will get to know yourself and just how beautiful and amazing you are, and with the love and support of your peer group have the courage to stand and make the changes.

Why work in a group?

Group work allows us to forge strong friendships with people who truly see us for who we are, these people become friends for life and most importantly our support in and outside of the weekends while we are on this journey.

Group work is very fast, we go deeper quicker in this safe space. Group work uses the dynamics of the group to mirror issues, reveal blind spots, and represent our families, partners, children, parents - giving us the opportunity to clear very specific issues.

The group holds us while we cry and shares with us in our laughter.

Together we can do it! - BREAK FREE
One to one

Break free