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This course is intensive and fantastic fun.
We meet as a group in location and write act and shoot a film in a week .
Unique all hands on amazing creative courses.

Devising scripts ,producing and shooting a film with all areas of the process included. This course is designed to be exciting and challenging and allow you to explore all aspects of filmmaking. Working as a team we will collaborate on an exciting adventure - the focus is acting for the camera the result a team. friendships, a movie with all the technical processes in-between.

A great deal of attention is given to the acting techniques needed for camera work, the development of story and characters and the emotional development of the characters as the story progresses .
Once we have these in place,
which we discover through fun workshop games and devising, then its full tilt to get the film directed acted and shot !!
Everyone creates the story and everyone acts in it, we achieve miracles and have great fun on the way .
Location is a house by the sea with huge overgrown garden ,little beaches ,a wood and tons of scope for the imagination.
We break for fun picnic lunch and and sometimes film late into the evening if we need night shots
.The fascinating way a film works ,how the pieces go together, how the characters develop, how we create atmosphere and special effects , a story and ultimately a film are all learnt as we go .
A fantastic way to learn to act for the camera

Run in the summer ,at easter and at Christmas in school holidays .
Adult courses available on request .

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