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Xpression has run summer camps for many years and is proud to say that the teenagers still come!

These are a fantastic mix of art and drama, running for ten days with as many as forty people, everyone makes friends and has a free rein on creating, all kinds of different art and craft is taught such as
Batik, fabric painting, screen-printing, mosaic, felt making, silk painting, oil and acrylic, drawing, glass and pottery, all kinds of recycled sculpture and wood work and a lot more.
We also have drama everyday and begin immediately to devise a story, create characters and begin getting the big end of camp show happening.
The sky is the limit on this and every year we have big makes such as full size pirate ships and rock and roll cafes! Giant UV dragons, full size tipis, space ships and loads more.
Working in huge sports halls we can build as big as we want, and the whole camp is an art work in progress.
Everyone writes the story, and everyone helps create the set the costumes the sounds and lighting, anyone with a talent gets it in the show and we have a full size samba band of instruments. Assistant staff are actors and dancers and the choreography is excellent.
The teenagers that have been coming for years are learning to direct, to stage manage and to do all the technical stuff and the result is always spectacular.
It’s a once in a lifetime experience that no one forgets and the friendships they make get renewed every year.
We believe in quality art and expression and giving everyone the freedom to explore, the confidence to have a part and shine out.
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Summer Camps