Smart Heron

Drama is a wonderful tool which I have used for many years to facilitate all kinds of things - Teamwork, confidence building ,self discovery and personal development .
Fantastic for children and young adults to bring awareness to issues.
Works as a great vehicle in all our courses as a fun way for us to look at ourselves, our parenting and all the things in-between!

We all have characters within us and bringing those characters to life opens a door, gives us permission to explore without feeling it is about us.
Drama is a truly liberating tool .
Through the simple process of devising stories and characters and acting them out we can shift old patterns and deep pain, and understand things about ourselves, without ever thinking we are embarking on that journey .
Teenagers love and benefit hugely from being given permission to act out whatever they are feeling, and very deep core issues can get very simply released and let go of.
We all have imaginations, but society puts very strict limits on behavior so our imaginations can get very suppressed,and children and teens are bombarding theirs with media and computer games, working with Drama wakes up the imagination, and connects us to others.

Xpression productions is a drama group that runs courses through out the year for children, young adults, and adults .

Weekly classes in Schull .

This group is for after school hours and designed to bring people together to learn all aspects of acting and theatre, production and putting on a show!

What we do
Teach techniques for acting, improvisation, script work, devising and more .
We work on confidence building and team work and produce shows written and acted by the group ,we have a lot of fun!

Set design, sound, lighting and costume are all aspects we learn as we go and are all put together into great shows at the end of the terms .