Smart Heron

Trauma, Wounds & Inner Child

This weekend will be a release and healing of deep pain and wounds, the clearing out of old stories and the shedding of all we drag with us through life that prevents us living in the present. We carry our pain and deep trauma in the body and it creates disease and prevents us living in the real moment with joy .
Beginning with awareness of what our pain is and where it has come from and moving on to release and heal we will free ourselves to feel joy ,to trust , to love ,and to heal disease and physical health problems.

This weekend is a chance to go deeply into the space for our inner child, to find out what they need, to meet and acknowledge, heal and empower them.
Specific traumas that we have experienced and hold in our bodies and minds and very much in our energy fields, will be released using very simple techniques of Bio energetics, emotional release and breathing.
Having an awareness first of what they are and then releasing the hold over our lives they have, we can return to a place of inner balance and bliss that perhaps we have never had chance in this life so far to experience.
The letting go of wounds and shock, and the healing of our child within leaves a great feeling of liberation and wonderful space for love and joy to flow in .