Smart Heron

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Sally Smart BA, NCVA, ACS, APS – has worked for 30 years as a teacher, homeopath, reiki master, counselor, psychotherapist artist /designer and filmmaker. She is the founder and director of Xpression productions , focusing on issue based theatre for young adults. She has worked as a facilitator for healing groups, positive parenting, and taught extensively in schools. Sally is an intuitive healer, works with dowsing and remedies, has E.F.T. training and four years therapist training from Humaniversity in personal development and psychology. Working with trauma and abuse. She works with color and textiles, and weaves all her skills together to guide people in an exciting and profound process of self-discovery. She runs shamanic, women’s’ & parenting groups. Teaches acting , film making and theatre. She has three beautiful daughters and her life’s work is to bring together all the tools of her experience to help others change and heal their lives.
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Jules Heron is an organizer and visionary, and has over 25 years experience in the field of personal growth. She is the director of White Buffalo events, which run camps for transformation and personal development and one off magical events and holidays .She belongs to a Shamanic women’s group , works with flower remedies and dowsing, has trained as a healer with the NFSH and has bought up five lovely children. She loves the process of creating the deep magical spaces that help people become empowered. With an intense but gentle approach, she has a dynamic and eclectic way to therapy, and life in general. Her mission in life is to enjoy it as fully as possible. Both Jules and Sally have their therapeutic roots based on the therapist training degree in Humaniversity psychology, covering areas such as grief, letting go, awareness personal empowerment, self responsibility and healthy relationships.

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