Smart Heron

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Would you love to laugh more from your belly
Feel really happy
Fall in love afresh with your partner ,with yourself ,with your children.
Be able to open your heart without judgments flooding in.
Share and connect with people on a deep and fulfilling level.
Create real deep friendships.
Dance all night with energy to spare.
Feel real joy and gratitude in you life.
Lose your fears and grief and let go of past trauma and pain.
Create a clear path in your life towards your dreams and ambitions.
Build the confidence to create your life exactly as you want.
Become the master of your life.
Stand in your power and shine out.
Use your wisdom and skills to inspire and teach others.
See yourself in all your true beauty without judgment.
See the true beauty in others not their pain.
Have the most inspiring group guiding and helping you to achieve these things.
Be part of a family that is always there for you no matter what.
Our courses and workshops aim to help you bring all of that and more into your life.
We have thirty years of experience in facilitating and teaching, with lots of wonderful tools in out tool kits. Total passion and commitment for this work and joy it brings to us, huge hearts and a great sense of fun and humor.
Dynamic, inspiring, and profound personal development.
Say yes and change your life!

"Say Yes Change your life"

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